Waitlist Documentation for No-Code and Developer Integrations

This is the official documentation for Waitlist. This documentation has three key parts: No-Code Integrations, API Documentation and Feature Documentation.

Getting started

To get started, create a new waitlist in your Waitlist Dashboard, then read about how to integrate your waitlist via no-code platforms or our API docs.

No-Code Integrations

For every Waitlist, your dashboard provides an easily customizable Widget that you can paste into your website. Our guides cover popular website builders like Squarespace, Typedream, Webflow, etc. as well as plain HTML and React. Explore the platforms we integrate with here.


Integrating with our API lets you fully control the front-end user experience and deliver a highly customized product. Our documented API requires no authentication, making it quick and easy to integrate. We have a much more extensive authenticated API, but only a small part of it is publicly documented here. If you need more in-depth programmatic access, just reach out and we can onboard you. Get started here.

Comments and Questions

For more customization or help, please feel free to write to hello@getwaitlist.com and we'll respond as quickly as we can.


Getting Started

Create a Waitlist today by following our quickstart guide.

No-Code Documentation

Pick the platform of your choice and follow our guide to integrate a Waitlist widget.

API Documentation

Use our API Documentation to integrate a Waitlist with your existing stack.


Explore features like leaderboards, Zapier, Webhooks and more.