The Dashboard

This section walks through the various features and customizations you can use with Waitlist.

Additional Features

To customize your waitlist further, you can start by adding and removing additional features available in your features tab. Alt Text

Customize your Waitlist

To stylistically change your waitlist (i.e. the background, text, custom fields and more) go to the "Widget Builder" tab. Alt Text

Signups and Offboarding

To see all signups for your waitlist, go to "Signups". You can also mark users are offboarded as you add them to your service. This helps you easily keep track and you can connect to Zapier to send these users actions or futher emails. Alt Text


At all times, you have access to your analytics in the "Analytics" tab. This tells you total signups, referrals, and dates. Alt Text

Import and Export Waiters

If you want to import existing waiters, go to the "Imports and Exports" tab. Here, you can upload CSV files with existing emails to add to your waitlist. This page also allows you to expo Alt Text