To add a waitlist widget to your Framer site, follow the guide below.

Integration Guide

  1. Go to your Waitlist Dashboard, navigate to the Waitlist, into the Widget Builder, and click the "Get Embed Code" button. Alt Text

  2. The window that pops up will give you a small code snippet to copy. Click the copy button. Alt Text

  3. Go to your Framer site, click on "Insert", then "Utility", and then "Embed". Drag the embed box into your canvas. Alt Text

  4. In the right side panel, scroll down to the "Embed" section, click "HTML" in the toggle. Alt Text

  5. Paste the code snuppet from step 4 into the box. Alt Text

  6. Publish and update your side on Framer by clicking the top blue button. Alt Text

  7. Go to your Framer site and your waitlist widget should now be visible. Alt Text