To add a waitlist widget to your Weebly project, please follow the guide below.

Integration Guide

  1. Go to your Waitlist Dashboard, navigate to the Waitlist, into the Widget Builder, and click the "Get Embed Code" button. Alt Text

  2. The window that pops up will give you a small code snippet to copy. Click the copy button. Alt Text

  3. Log in to Weebly, and go to the website you want to edit.

  4. Add an "Embed Code" element. Alt Text

  5. Click in the "Embed Code" element to set your custom code, and click "Edit Custom HTML". Alt Text

  6. Copy-paste in the code snippet you got from step 2. Alt Text

  7. Click out of the editor, and you're all set! Note that the Weebly styles will affect the font on the Widget. Alt Text

  8. Finally, remember to click the "Publish" button in Weebly to have your changes go live. Alt Text


For more customization, check out the Widget Embed Options.