Wix No-Code Integration Instructions for Waitlist

To add a waitlist widget to your Wix project, please follow the guide below.

Integration Guide

  1. Go to your Wix website editor. Wix interface step 1

  2. Click on "Add Element". Wix interface step 2

  3. Click on "Embed Code", and then "Embed HTML".

  4. Enter the URL for your Hosted Waitlist. You can find it by logging into your Waitlist dashboard, navigating into the Widget Builder for your Waitlist, and clicking on "Show Hosted Page". (For step-by-step guidance for finding the URL, see the first two steps in the iframe guide.) Wix interface step 3

  5. Drag the element to an appropriate spot in the Wix builder, and size it appropriately. Wix interface step 4

  6. Hit Publish. Congratulations, you're done! Wix interface step 5

Custom Element

In step 3, when you select HTML element, it is also possible to select a Custom Element if you are on a paid Wix plan. Custom Elements can pull in arbitrary code that is uploaded to an external file. You may be able to upload the 3-line Waitlist HTML Snippet as an external file, and then paste that link into the Custom Element configuration. This may yield a visually better result than the HTML element, but we haven't tested it.


For more customization, check out the Widget Embed Options.