Getting Started: Making your First Waitlist and Collecting Sign-Ups

Welcome to Waitlist! We're excited to help you onboard and launch your next big thing!


To get started, go to Waitlist and click Sign Up. Alternatively, create an account by signing up here. Waitlist signup interface

Creating your first Waitlist

  1. Once you're in your dashboard, click "Create a new waitlist" Waitlist dashboard

  2. Add in basic waitlist settings:

  • Waitlist name: The name of your waitlist. This is for your internal reference.
  • Waitlist URL: This is the where your waitlist will be placed (for example for this waitlist). It's important that it's correct as we use it to generate referral links.
  • Spots Skipped on Referral: If you set this as 5, a user will move up 5 spots if they successfully refer a friend.
  • Email New Signups: Whether or not you want us ( to email new signups that sign up on your waitlist with their referral link and current position.
  • Verify Signups by Email: If you turn this on, we'll send new users who sign up an email where they have to click a link to verify themselves before they can move up on the waitlist. Waitlist dashboard: create a new waitlist

What's next?

Great, you're now set up with your first waitlist! Here are a few links that might be handy as you venture further into customizing your waitlist and launching: