You can enable Leaderboards to be retrieved for your Waitlist by API or to show on no-code widgets.

Steps to activate

  1. Navigate to the "Features" tab on your Dashboard.
  2. Check the "Zapier Access" box, and Save.
  3. Navigate to the "General" tab on your Dashboard, and copy your Zapier Key:
  4. Navigate to Zapier and search for the Waitlist app. Alternatively, click here to Access the Zapier App.
  5. When asked for a key, paste in the Zapier key you copied from the Waitlist Dashboard in step 3. (Do not paste in your Waitlist API Key).
  6. You should be ready to go!

Available Zaps

New Signup

This Zap triggers when a new user signs up to your waitlist.

Example Use Case: Send a custom email when a user signs up! Connect with a service like Mailchimp or Convertkit, and place the new Waiter into an email funnel.

New Referrer

Triggers when an existing user refers another user.

** Example Use Case:** Send a thank you note to the person who referred someone else.

Offboard Waiter

This Zap triggers when you offboard a Waiter from the Waitlist using your Dashboard.

Example use case: When a user is off the Waitlist and is ready to use your product, let them know! Connect with a service like Klaviyo or Mailchimp, and send them an automated email.